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What I Learned From My College Experience

In two weeks I will be walking across that stage and moving my tassel to the other side. That’s right, I’m graduating.

It’s been an insane three years of college. From making new friends to exploring new interests to taking classes I never would have imagined taking, I truly have enjoyed my college experience. Of course, I am taking a summer class or two, but what better time to reflect than now?

Below I have compiled the best lessons I learned in the last three years, and I think they are things that can be applied to everyone, even those not higher educated. Enjoy!

The Best Lessons I Learned in College

1. Always step out of your comfort zone

I learned early on that when you step out of your comfort zone the best things happen. Attending big concerts, going to social events with people I don’t know, taking a class in a subject I don’t understand, all of those things brought me to extend who I am as a person and I am such a happier person because of it.

2. Friends can be in your life for a season

I used to think if I made a friend I had to be friends with them forever. But in college you can have a friend for a term or for a few months or over a year. But you don’t have to stay friends with them. With such a fast-paced community like a college campus, if you don’t want to be friends with someone it’s okay to drop them from your life.

3. It’s okay to change your mind about anything

If you don’t like your major, change it. If you don’t like your living situation, change it. If you don’t like a class, change it. College really taught me that it’s okay if something doesn’t work because making a change is simpler than I thought. I never had to do anything I really didn’t like because the campus provided me plenty of options so that I always enjoyed everything I was doing.

4. Picking priorities is important

There’s a triangle of Sleep – Social Life – Grades. It’s important to choose those priorities or you’ll end up being either spread too thin or getting too much sleep and not enough social life or grades.

5. Just because it works for other people doesn’t mean it works for you

Everyone learns at a different pace, and that’s one of the biggest lessons I learned. While most people write their best essays over a course of weeks, my best work came from only a day or two. I learned I can only study at home. And most of all I struggle to read textbooks. I think once we all learn that everyone learns at a different pace it won’t take so long for people to find the best way for them to get the best grades.

6. Free food is the best food

In college the #1 thing you learn is that if there’s food and it’s free, you’re going.

7. The education you receive is from your participation, not your wallet

Just because you pay tuition and attend classes it doesn’t mean that you’re getting a quality education. It’s about paying attention in class, going to office hours, and taking that small amount of extra time with your education to ensure that you are receiving every ounce of knowledge you can.


To be educated is to have power, so get as much knowledge as you can!

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