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What It's Actually Like to Be Post-Grad

Is post-grad life all it’s cracked up to be?

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As a recent graduate of the University of Oregon, I spent three years counting down the moments until I was done with homework and tests for life. That’s right, I even graduated early so I wouldn’t have to deal with four years of it.

And after all my hard work and stressed out nights, here I am in the post-grad life. Is it everything I thought it was? Yes and no.

Morgan’s Observations From Life Post-Grad

1. Weekends

Super chunky merino wool blanket from Ohhio. Photo Decordots:

What did I use to do during weekends? Oh yeah, homework. So I now spend my weekends sitting around coming up with activities (yep, I’m really into chores now) so that the times between 5pm Friday and 7am Monday pass without boredom.

2. Eating


Remember when I used to be running out the door everywhere and made huge batch meals because I never got home before 7? Yeah, now I come home at the same time every day and have time to eat balanced meals three times a day.

3. Outfits

A calça de alfaiataria com textura boa modelagem e bom caimento associado ao scarpin deu conotação do estilo elegante. A informalidade desta imagem ficou por conta do estilo natural presente na blusa de malha e bolsa grande. não houve uma quebra de cores acentuada, já que a textura da calça interagiu com o preto da blusa e sapato:

Not gonna lie, buying a new pair of leggings and some fleece jackets used to be a completely acceptable way to spend my money because I could wear them 24/7. Since graduating I can no longer spend my money that way. So I now say hello to whenever I see a nice blouse, some suede loafers, or whatever else wouldn’t dare to be seen during an 8am history lecture. Also, that’s much more expensive.

4. Socializing

Alice and I bond over coffee and desserts. I think I'll ask Alice over to visit this week.......:

This one I am still adjusting to. I went from college to where I saw all my friends either in my apartment or during class, and now I’m with co-workers who are significantly older/have children, or at home by myself. But as I learn more about this city I will leave my house to meet people, and that’s the weirdest change from university.

5. Coffee

Pumpkin Cafe de Olla - Mexican coffee with a mix of clove, cinnamon, and milk. We added pumpkin for an extra special fall addition.:

Did you know that most offices provide free coffee in the morning? And tea and other beverages? I should have graduated years ago.

6. Income

I've been online shopping and watching youtube all day and I'm too lazy to check my notifications, hah oops:

When you aren’t going to school you can work more hours, which means more dollars in my bank account. And that’s glorious! I can actually go to the store and see something I like and purchase it. Grocery shopping is no longer me doing math so I don’t spent more than $20. And my savings now looks like savings, not a two-year-old’s piggy bank.


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