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What My IT Work Taught Me/My New Job

So, big things are happening here at The Enthusiast.

1) I published my first book 2) I quit my IT job and 3) I started a new job. And what prompted 2 and 3? A lot.

In January of 2014 I started a job at an IT helpdesk at my university. I learned so much about my IT and technology in general, things I never would have learned and now can help me on future endeavors. Why did I leave? I believe that people can outgrow their entry level jobs, especially at university. And I did outgrow my IT job.

When you stop enjoying going to work, you know there’s something wrong. And that’s what happened to me. There came a point where I didn’t enjoy going to work or being at work. And it wasn’t one particular thing, just a mass of things that built up until I was dying for the weekend just so I could not be there. My time there was great, it just outgrew the great. It’s a perfectly normal part of the circle of work.

But it did land me my new job, and that’s the greatest part. I wouldn’t have gotten this new job without my IT skills. And I mean it, during my interview the supervisor’s dual screen stopped working and I fixed it. Pretty sure that sealed the deal.

And now you’re probably wondering what my new job is. I am a office assistant/IT worker for a part of my university.

I’ve been at my new job a week now and I love it. The office I get to work in has huge windows with a courtyard and there’s always people bustling in and out, so I don’t get lonely. Yes, I do spend my day filing worksheets, making copies and typing (my phalanges are so ready for bikini season) that it could be boring for some people – BUT I LOVE IT! Office work has always been a bit of my forte and it’s nice to have a job where I can use these skills.

So you’re probably wondering what the point of this post is besides bragging about my great new job. And here it is:

Put yourself out there and try different jobs. I went into my IT job because I was like, “I”m poor and know how to use a computer,” and it led me to this new job. You don’t have to be married to your job. And if you’re young like me (where my 20-somethings at?) then truly explore the career field! Try a job that sounds interesting, or even something that will give you skills. The worst thing that can happen is if you don’t try. Push yourself to find something interesting and will eventually lead you to the job of your dreams.

Don’t ever stop trying. That’s the worst thing you can do.

Stay classy, Internet,










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