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What Really Happens When You Go On the Military Diet

I love diets.

I love diets so much that when I find a really interesting one I have to try it. And recently I found one that was so bizarre that I basically flew to the grocery store to start!

The thing about dieting is that there are two ways to look at it. 1) It’s a way to lose weight or 2) A social experiment for why we do insane things to our bodies. I fall under the second category, and with something like the military diet, which combines odd food groups in order to lose weight, it would be ridiculous not to try it.

Military Diet

If you want to know more about the military diet, here’s some info.

So, I took three days out of my busy schedule and tried the military diet. And I lived to tell the tale!

*Disclaimer: As a person who is trying to focus on health, I am not doing this to lose weight but to prove/disprove the various diets on the web.

The Enthusiast Tried the Military Diet, and Was Not Impressed

The point of the military diet is to eat foods that when combined help your body lose weight. There are three meals a day with a different combination of items and at the end you should end up looking more fit than you were before.

Day 1


Day 1 B

This was my favourite! Grapefruit is freakishly delicious, and peanut butter toast and tea is something I eat on a regular basis. I felt very powered and this diet started on a high note!


Day 1 L

Another fantastic meal! Tuna on toast is very filling and tea is always the best. I won’t lie though, I was missing the whole mayonnaise part of tuna, but such is dieting!


Day 1 D

This was a struggle to eat. After two very filling meals already that day, putting this much food in my body was kind of hard. From meat, banana, apple, green beans, and ice cream, it was a bigger meal than I eat ever. It was delicious, but I left the table feeling bloated, not healthy.

Day 2


Day 2 B

Best breakfast! A banana, hardboiled egg, and toast is something I have often, so it was nice to have a real meal on a diet! I felt very full all day, yet not like I had a bunch of food in my stomach. Also, I woke up this morning not feeling any healthier or lighter.


Day 2 L

All diets have that one yucky meal, and this was it. Cottage cheese is disgusting and overall this meal felt slimy. I couldn’t even eat the entire thing.


Day 2 D

Another super big dinner that left me feeling bloated, despite how healthy it was. These are veggie dogs, but still, for how much veggies and fruit is on this plate, I for sure was not feeling as lithe and fit as I should have been.

Day 3


Day 3 B

Waking up on the last day, I was really discouraged. I wasn’t feeling good and if anything I’d gained weight than lost it. This breakfast was really yummy (although more something I’d have as a snack) but did keep me full until lunch.


Day 3 L

Yes, this was lunch. I feel bad for me too.


Day 3 D

This was the only dinner that wasn’t super heavy. A banana, tuna, and ice cream actually makes for a decent meal. I actually felt pretty good after eating it, but, once again, the next morning I wasn’t feeling all healthy and skinny like this diet promised.

The end result?

This did nothing. I stuck to the diet exactly and ended up looking and feeling no different. Actually, it wasn’t until after the experiment that I lost weight. I do not recommend trying this, and sticking with something like green smoothies or the GM diet might be better.


Want to see me try another diet? Leave it in the comments and I will try it!

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