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What's On My iPhone 2015

A while back I did a What’s On My iPhone post. But that was 2012 and iOS 8 wasn’t even out. Here in 2015 I have a new phone, a new iOS, new apps, and…let’s just make it simple and say new everything. That’s why I thought today was the perfect day to share with you how my iPhone has developed since 2012. And how much prettier iOS 8 is.

*Note: I will not include apps that come with the Apple iOS.

Apps, Taps & Maps: Morgan’s iPhone

First off, the phone case I am using is Rifle Paper Co’s Russian Rose iPhone 5/5S Inlay Case. The background is from Pinterest.

Next are the apps that I spend so much time on:


IMDB: I’m a film nerd, and as all film nerds know, IMDB is where you get your film fix.

SafeTrek: I live in downtown Eugene (aka the most sketchy place at 10pm) so I like to have this easy to use app for all my safety needs. All you need is a finger and a passcode.

TeuxDeux: By far my favourite to do app on the planet. I’ve had a subscription for years and I don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon. If you’re a detail/task oriented kind of person, TeuxDeux is for you.

Gmail: Because Gmail is terrible on the map app and I have 3 Gmail accounts.

Instagram: Oh, you don’t follow me on Instagram? Well, you should follow @PotatoesHegarty then.

Snapchat: Used for 1) Sending unattractive pictures of my face 2) Bragging about my vacation 3) Another way to communicate when people ignore your texts

UOregon: I’m a Duck. How else am I going to have instant access to the library’s hours?

Canvas: It’s a college thing. But if you want a super great system for grades, assignments and communication, I recommend it.

iStudiez Pro: After four years of using this, iStudiez is still the best program for putting my assignments in one place.

Spotify: Check out my sick playlists and tendency to listen to the same song over and over.


Facebook: Compulsively checking my timeline 24/7.

Messenger: Because Facebook is so neurotic I can’t check my messages on their app.

Twitter: Have you checked my tweets lately? They are witty and worth watching.

Skype: We all have it since Law & Order: SVU went overboard on product placement all those years ago.

Tumblr: There’s something about being able to see hundreds of blog posts at one time that is so satisfying. And perfect for trying to fall asleep.


WordPress: Yes, I do like to write blog posts while walking between classes and in waiting rooms.

LinkedIn: At 20, I do have to professional on social media. Thus, LinkedIn.

U.S. Bank: Banking on the go. Checking bank balance on the go.

Starbucks: Yes, I would like a venti iced earl grey latte with six shots of vanilla.

YouTube: Why do I spend so much time showing my friends music videos?

Uber: Why did Eugene have to get rid of Uber? Honestly the best car service ever! You can use my code for your next ride: uberenthusiasm.

Expedia: Book some flights.

Kayak: Book some more flights.

WebMD: You know when you have that weird medical issue at 3am? This is how I solve this.

UNICEF Tap Project: This is one of my favourite charities. Put down your phone and help those less fortunate. What’s better?

Amazon: Yes, I am a compulsive online shopper.

Ticketmaster: Because buying concert tickets is kind of my thing.

Netflix: Did you know I’ve seen Gossip Girl way too many times due to this app?

Handpick: Got lots of ingredients but nothing to make? Handpick helps me so much with that.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: I published my first book and this app helps me will all of my sales.


Birchbox: Because shopping for beauty products in an app is slightly addictive.

BBC Radio 1: Did you know that I love Greg James more than anything and that’s why I listen to him every morning?


MyPlate: My health and fitness has improved so much since using MyPlate and I couldn’t be more thankful.

MyWater: You’re supposed to drink have your body weight in ounces of water a day. MyWater keeps me to that goal.

Simply Yoga: Depending on how stressful my day is, I can do 20-40-60 minute yoga sessions.

Your Trainer: This is a great way for me to get a trainer workout without paying money. And that’s great.


1010!: Great block game.

AdVenture Capitalist: This is a ridiculous game but fun if you like pressing buttons and money.

Switch&Drop: How I spend many a minutes in waiting rooms.

Four Letters: This is the hardest game ever past level 32. I’ve spent hours doing it.

11+: Yet another impossible game to get past level 8.

Candy Crush: Yes, I am one of the many addicted.

Candy Crush Saga: I don’t even know why I have this game. I never play it.

Bingo: I spend every night before I sleep playing this. And I am still as bad as when I began. Game of luck? More like game of bad luck.


And those are the apps that I have on my phone! Have any recommendations for me? Let me know.

Stay classy, Internet,










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