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What to Pack When You're Heading to Europe (in the Summer)

In two days I am off to Europe for my much anticipated trip I have been talking about for ages. My trip seemed so far away only a short time ago, but now it’s so close I can smell it’s European perfume! But, as with any trip, so many things must be done before one can get on the plane. Hotels must be called, flights must be booked, restaurants & sights of interest must be scouted, and suitcases need to be packed. And, as in true Morgan fashion, all of that is done except for the packing.

Now, what does one bring on a trip to Europe such as mine? My circumstances are a bit different than the usual, as I am traveling for 10 days without a washer & dryer and limited suitcase space. But, as the old saying goes, when Europe gives you lemons, you make packing changes.


  1. Tees – even though you want to be wearing your most expensive Gucci dress since you’re in Europe tees are essential and practical. Having 4 or 5 with you means you can mix them up (and not seem like you wore the same shirt twice on the trip) with scarves, necklaces, and sweaters.

  2. Jeans – bring a pair of two with you. Since it’s the summer, it might be too hot, but it’s also good to be ready if it rains or is chilly. Plus, you can roll them up for a summer-y look.

  3. Shorts – it’s summer, so shorts are always acceptable! Bring a pair or two, since they can be worn more than once.

  4. Sneakers – a trusty pair or wo always gets me where I want and my feet don’t hurt. (Note: My friend asked me what sneakers means in my definition, and I mean Converse, your running shoes, Vans, anything that is closed toe with shoelaces.)

  5. Skirts – (male optional) Personally, I bring a skirt with me on every trip. You never know when you might want one. Always bring a casual skirt and one that can be considered dressy. You could bring a dress too that follows these same guidelines.

  6. Sandals – I will be walking a lot, so sneakers are best for me. However, I don’t want to be having to put on shoes and socks just to pad down the hall of the hotel to talk to my mates.

  7. Sweaters – light cardigans tend to be best, as they will keep out the chill without the bulk. Also, bring a heavier sweatshirt for those really cold days.

  8. Accessories – of course, accessories really depend on the person. For myself, I have to bring my truckload of scarves, some key necklaces, favorite earrings, a leather belt, and sunnies.

  9. Bags – bring a larger bag for the plane, and a medium-sized bag for putting money, sunnies, camera, and other tid-bits into.


  1. Products – leave everything except heat protectant, curl smoother, and dry shampoo. Heat protectant for styling tools. Curl smoother for hose with curly hair to prevent the Medusa effect. Dry shampoo for those mornings you didn’t have time to wash your hair. It’s a different country, so don’t stress about having shiny, stick-straight, perfectly full hair. Give your hair a vacation too.

  2. Styling tools – I’m going with a group, so to avoid packing my flat iron and curling iron (most hotels have hair dryers) I can bring my flat iron and my friend can bring her curling iron and we can share.

  3. Accessories – hair ties, bobby pins, and elastic headbands are great to bring. Anything else might just take up room, especially a hair piece you can only wear with a certain shirt.


  1. I don’t wear much make-up, but bring the things you wear every day and maybe something for a special night.

  2. Lotion – I don’t know how lotion fits in this category, but bring lotion that has SPF, so you will be protected while you’re tourist-ing it up.


  1. Camera – bring one, whether it be disposable, digital, on your phone, or built inside your hat. Having a camera is essential to a trip. People have constantly been telling me these past few months to take pictures, so I’ll need one to do that.

  2. Laptop – if you need your laptop for something while you are travelling, bring it. Otherwise, most hotels have computers that you can use.

  3. Adapters/Converters/Chargers – check to see if you or a friend has an adapter and a converter (so you can use the electricity in Europe) and have all chargers for what you are bringing.


  1. Umbrella

  2. Passport

  3. Reading material – I suggest a guidebook where you are going and some books to read on the plane. For my trip I am bringing a guidebook to Europe, a guidebook to Paris, Peter and Wendy, and Peter in Kensington Gardens.

  4. iPod

  5. Wallet

Thanks so much for reading! Here is another general packing list from a blog that I follow that you can read also but clicking here. I hope you all get to have great trips this summer with friends and family.

Tomorrow is my last full day in America and I’m really excited to finally be on my trip. While on my trip, I will post about my rules of blogging and 10 ways to improve your self-esteem. Then, when I get back, I will give you the link to my travel diary, which won’t be up until after I get back.

So, without further ado, au revoir mon amis!

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