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What to Wear to Work This Week

As a new member of the working world, I have discovered a lot about my closet in the last week. No longer is it 8am lectures in leggings and layered sweatshirts with a traveler of coffee. It’s time for real pants, real tops, and coffee mugs.

I’m two weeks into my job and I already have figured out exactly what outfits work with the dress code and keep me comfortable from 7:30-4:30. It’s an art, trust me.

This week I thought I’d share a week’s worth of outfits that I think are great for work and will provide the same comfort as those college year leggings.

5 Work-Approved, Enthusiast-Tested Office Outfits

Miss the Weekend Monday

Monday’s are the worst because you wake up early, the coffee doesn’t seem to be working, and squeezing into anything other than sweats is a struggle. Wearing comfy pants (such as a neutral cotton trouser, some stretchy cords, or whatever pants you find the most comfortable) with a loose top and accessories is the easiest Monday look. Flair it with some fun shoes or a colourful scarf for personality.

I Wear: Grey pants, loose maroon sweater, black loafers, chunky necklace, with a white scarf for running errands.

No Pants Tuesday

Need this shirt:

I dislike wearing pants when I’m sitting at my desk for hours. And on Tuesdays you’ve finished all your Monday catch-up work and now it’s time to check emails and make phone calls. A loose cotton dress (or a fancier fabric if that’s your style) with tights is work-appropriate and comfy. Pair it with ankle booties.

I Wear: Wine-coloured cotton dress, black tights, brown booties, and a chunky knit scarf.

Get to Work Wednesday

Veer Gently Navy Blue Blazer at!:

Now that we’re in the groove for the week, it’s time to look for it. Most meetings are held on Wednesday or Thursday (or at least at my job) and that means looking professional is high on my life. Choose skinny-cut black pants (seriously, they’re amazing) and pair it with a plain white shirt and a neutral blazer. And a statement necklace takes your outfit to Hump Day happy hour with no changing.

I Wear: Black skinny-cut pants, black chiffon top, mint jacket, and brown booties.

Super Snuggly Thursday

Emma Watson: minimal and classic // Love the cream scarf layered over the camel jacket.:

By Thursday I’m already feeling those three-cup-coffee mornings. Usually my projects are due Friday, which means I’m coming in an hour earlier than usual and am working until we close the office. That means wearing comfy pants, a soft cotton top, a snuggly sweater, and a scarf. It’s the only way to pretend you’re napping while staring at your computer.

I Wear: Black skinny-cut pants, grey cotton long-sleeved top, navy blue toggle coat, white scarf, and black loafers.

Ready for Weekend Friday

#fall #fashion / camel coat + stripes:

Yay for the weekend! At my office we can wear jeans, so on Fridays I’m pulling on my denim as quick as I can. But because our dress code is phrased as “professional” I pair my skinny jeans with a soft top and a structured jacket. Bonus points if you pair it all with professional shoes. Transitioning into the weekend couldn’t be easier.

I Wear: Dark denim cuffed skinny jeans, black top, brightly coloured jacket, black loafers, and a statement necklace.


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