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What Watching 'The Mindy Project' Taught Me About Love, Life, and Being Yourself

Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. I decided that when I read her books and this past weekend I am more convinced than ever.

“The Mindy Project” is Mindy Kaling’s television show, which is now in its fourth season. The show follows Mindy Lahiri, a gynecologist, as she pursues her career and personal life with a flair for food and pop culture references. Every episode is full of complete nonsense, but maintains a story line that has made me cry a few times. It’s truly a great representation of Kaling’s talent.

This past weekend I bought the first three seasons on DVD and binge watched with some white wine and the best hoagie sandwiches ever with my best friend. And there were laughs, tears, and lots of rolling on the couch because Danny Castellano dancing is enough to make the entire world happy again. But after all the laughs and such (and I finished all the DVDs and signed up for a Hulu account) I thought about the fact that “The Mindy Project” is more than just humorous, it is filled with so many life lessons that in a span of a few days I felt like a completely new person. Why sign up for a self-esteem seminar when you could just watch the show?

So I decided to make a list of the best lessons that this great show has taught me so that you too can have some of the wisdom that is Mindy Lahiri. Enjoy!

The Best Life Lessons From “The Mindy Project”

Go for the life you want

Mindy Lahiri is a gynecologist, runs a fertility clinic, and is a single mother. Her ambition and aspirations of ‘having it all’ are really inspiring to those who are scared to go for the life they want. Remember that no matter how scary it looks, go for the gold and see how beautiful things turn out. There might be some bumps, but if Mindy can do it, so can you.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, you will move on

In light of my own recent breakup, the lessons on love from this show are very important. Mindy makes an amazing point in how even though breakups hurt, you’ll get over it. Cry, eat some ice cream, and try new hobbies until finally he’s in the past and you’re living your best life. And you can always pretend to be a jazz musician if all else fails.

Go for the love life you want because it’s your life

Dating a fictitious character might be a bad idea, but the point still stands. Go for someone who holds the things you want (for Mindy it was a casual fling) and don’t let anything hold you back. When you have your grocery list of things you want, don’t just lower your standards for accessibility. If things are going to work, you need to find the right guy.

Don’t let anyone else define you

Walk in that room and let people know you’re awesome. If anyone says any differently, just remind them.

If someone loves you, they’ll want people to know

We all deserve the love we want, and Mindy preaches that on a regular basis. We all want relationships we can boast to the world about and feel special when people comment how cute you two are. And that’s why this show makes such a good lesson: If that person really wants to be with you, they’ll tell other people.

You’re beautiful, no matter what anyone says

Who cares what size you are or what your race is? You are beautiful just for being you and don’t let anyone forget it!

Open yourself up to love

When you fall in love you’ll see a lot of changes in yourself, and that’s good. Without those changes you wouldn’t be growing as a couple. Embrace those changes and celebrate that they make your relationship stronger. By holding back those changes you simply create a hostile environment. Love the change, and if it isn’t working, it’s time to talk. Because a healthy relationship is a communicative relationship.


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