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What You’ll Need for Back-to-School

It’s that time of year again where shopping for school supplies and figuring out your first day outfit are important. School is starting up again and we need to be on our A game to be top of the class. And since I want you all to succeed in another grueling year of learning and socializing, I’m giving you a list of things you’re going to need to be a VIPHS (Very Important Person in High School.)

For Your Classes

Binder. A binder can hold loose leaf paper, folders, notebooks, study guides, etc. Having one is never a bad idea. Plus, you can decorate it. And that’s just fun for everyone!

Accordion folder. I used to use those three punch ones you can buy at Wal-Mart, but the holes kept on ripping. So I switched to an accordion folder and liked it better. Instead of having to tote your folders in your binder, you can keep you assignments in neat pockets.

Notebooks. In high school, you’re going to be taking notes. So many notes that you’ll probably hate the word a week in. But by using a notebook, you can keep your notes fairly organized and don’t have to keep track of loose pages.

Pencil case. You’re going to have pencils, pens, highlighters, colored pencils, erasers, etc. You want something that will hold them all. You’ll also want all the things to go inside it, since you need to write notes with something.

Sticky notes. If your teacher is anything like all the English teachers I’ve had in high school, they probably want you to annotate what you’re reading. Sticky notes are a great, mess-free way to write your thoughts about the book without defiling the pages. They are also great for scribbling down a quick note or phone number you might need for class.

For Gym

Deodorant. Truth is, when you sweat, you stink. And when you have gym in the middle of your classes, you don’t want to be stinking up the halls with your bad B.O. So bring a stick of deodorant and you’ll smell good and be sweat free.

Face cleanser. If you have oily skin like me, after gym I am red-faced and slick skinned. So by bringing either oil-absorbing toilettes or a quick face wash, you can look like you just woke up instead of running half a mile.

Socks. If you’re a girl, you’ve probably faced the dilemma of getting to gym and realizing you wore sandals that day and didn’t bring socks. Always leave an extra pair of socks in your locker for those sandal days.

For Your Locker

A snack. If you have a later lunch you might get hungrier around third or fourth period. Bring a quick snack of goldfish or apples to satisfy yourself between classes when you’re starving.

Dry-erase board. With all of the information you learn each class, small details can slip away pretty quick. So write down your lunch plans or when school pictures are on a little dry-erase board to help you remember.

A coat. Whether it be a sweater or a coat, having one is a great idea. You never know when it’s suddenly going to get too cold for your t-shirt, and being prepared is always a good idea.

And those are my tips on what you need for school!

I hope that those of you who have already started school are enjoying the experience. What’s been your best back-to-school experience yet?

For those of you about to start school, I wish you luck having a great first day! What are you most excited about for this year?

And if you’re like me and still have a few weeks of summer left, we both should encourage each other to start the summer reading list. Jane Eyre, why you so long?

Have a great weekend! I’m having a garage sale!

P.S. I reached my goal for my laptop! It shall be coming soon! Thank you all so much for all of your support in helping me reach this point. Hugs to you all!

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