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Whatever Wednesday: A Day in the Life

Whatever Wednesday

It’s Whatever Wednesday! This is slowly becoming my favourite day of the week (Wednesday was already my favourite) because I can do whatever I want! And today I thought I’d do something I haven’t for a while: A day in the life.

A day in the life is one of those things that are just kind of fun to read. To find out how other people live is just interesting. And that’s why I’m doing an updated summer version so you guys know how I’m spending these long summer days.

A Day in Morgan’s Life: Summer 2015 Edition



Wake up, take a shower, and start getting ready for the day.


After getting ready, I spend my last half hour before heading to work getting some relaxation in. I watch some CSI: Miami, drink my green smoothie, and reply to any emails I might have received overnight.


I arrive at work, slightly sweating from walking in the direction of the sun for the last half hour (at least I get my steps in!), and get ready to rumble! I love my job and the great people who work there. It makes making copies, running mail, fixing copiers, and making phone calls not all that bad and I still look forward to work each day!

12:00pm – 1:30pm

Around this time I get off work (sometimes at 2) and this is when I run my errands. Whether it’s stopping by the grocery store, heading to the post office, or stopping by my building’s front office, this is the best time for me to run my errands. Or laundry if need be. I also eat lunch around this time too.


This is when I do my writing for the day. Whether it’s another Everyday Enthusiasm, an article for a publication, or some fictional writing for another one of my books, now is when I have the energy to do it.


Relaxation time! Time to put away the work and relax after a hard day. Currently I’m switching between CSI: Miami and Grace & Frankie for my crime and laughs needs. This is also when I get my Sims in, so you know it’s definitely my favourite part of the day.


Dinner is a sacred time where I chat with roommates, eat a good solid meal, and get my socializing in for the day. Dinner tends to switch up quite often. From having another smoothie to a pasta dish to quinoa, dinner can really be anything depending on my mood.


This is when I usually wind down for the night. I usually do any beauty things I need (trim nails, spruce up eyebrows) or plan for the next day. I make my smoothie for breakfast the next day and wash my face and brush my teeth before crawling in bed.


I am such a grandma that I’m in bed by 8:30. And I’m asleep by 10. It’s super boring, but how else would I accomplish such a busy day?


And that’s how I live my life? It’s pretty boring, but it’s great for summer.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Everyday Enthusiasm’s Thought Thursday!

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