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Whatever Wednesday: My Must-Have Fashion Items

Whatever Wednesday

It’s Whatever Wednesday! And the whatever we’re going to talk about today is fashion.

I’m someone who loves putting together outfits. And that means that there are certain items that are necessary for great style. And today I’m going to share with you those items. Who’s ready?

Morgan’s Top 10 Must-Have Fashion

Jean jacket

A jean jacket makes any outfit classic, easy, and casual.

Big scarf

This outfit was pretty whatever, but add a scarf and it’s fabulous!

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are flattering on everyone, I promise. As long as the fit is right, skinny jeans are a perfect way to keep your outfit tailored.

Statement necklace

A statement necklace will make any outfit. I guarantee it.

Casual dress

A cotton dress (with a super great detail) is perfect for just about anything. Whether it’s work, lunch with friends, or lounging around the house, a casual dress is what you need in your closet.

Striped shirt

A striped shirt is a classic and the perfect thing to just throw on. It can be styled so many ways.

Satchel bag

This Kate Spade Hayden satchel is adorable, just like any satchel handbag. My own Kate Spade Brighton satchel (can you tell I love Kate Spade bags?) is a necessary for any outfit, because it just works for everything. And it holds everything too.

Neutral sunglasses

Sunglasses in a neutral colour (black or brown) can go with every outfit you wear, so it’s good to have a pair of neutral sunnies in your bag at all times.

Combat boots

Want shoes that won’t hurt your feet but work with your whole outfit? Combat boots are your shoes.

Cozy sweater

A cozy sweater is always the answer to a bad outfit day. Always.


What’s your fashion must-haves?

Come back tomorrow for Thought Thursday!

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