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Whatever Wednesday: Tales From a Love Guru

Whatever Wednesday

On Whatever Wednesday we’re going to talk about whatever catches my fancy – and today talking about my accidental double life of being a love guru is taking my fancy.

What do you mean your accidental double life of being a love guru?

When I was 16 I had the biggest crush on this stoner kid in my chemistry class. (Wow, don’t we all though?) And to gain his attention I tried to come up with ways for him to notice him without him realizing what I was doing. Which prompted my blog post How to Get a Boy to Like You (Without Him Noticing) which has gained thousands upon thousands of views, comments, and emails. Which led me to make a How to Tell a Boy You Like Him (Without Embarrassing Yourself), How to Tell If a Boy Likes You (And Other Real Boy Advice), and How to Keep a Boy (From a Semi-Expert). All of these have prompted hundreds of people to contact me for their love problems.

Hence, accidental double life of being a love guru.

Move over, Mike Myers.

I’ve quite enjoyed doing this. It’s still kind of weird to think about (considering I’ve only been in one real relationship and I have zero clue what I’m doing) but knowing how many I’ve helped is quite great. I mean, how many people can say they’ve brought together 50+ couples? Heck, I just had one couple get married! I’ve been doing this for four years and being a love guru is now who I am.

So, what are these tales of being a love guru? I thought I’d share my four favourite stories from my four years of guru-ing.


  1. A 17-year-old girl asked me how to get out of the friendzone with her best friend. After back and forth emails for a few days (where I had her do a pro/con list that was a page long), my advice finally gave her the courage to ask him out. They just celebrated their one year anniversary and said they’re totally inviting me to their wedding.

  2. That one time someone (gender and age unknown) left me 28 long anonymous comments explaining their love life. With horrible grammar. In a two day period. THE HORROR.

  3. This super sweet girl named Zoe emailed me about her problem between two boys and after really pouring our hearts out to one another (it was very deep and personal and cathartic) she was able to choose the guy who was for her and they are really happy. And it fills my heart up with joy because they sound meant to be and make each other really happy.

  4. The very awkward explanation I had to give on why a 13-year-old girl could not date her friend’s 20-year-old brother because of laws and legality. Which she refused to understand and went for anyway. And then she asked me why he turned her down. And then I had to repeat my explanation because “creepy,” “pedofile,” and “statutory rape” were not understood the first time.

And that’s part of my life as a love guru! It’s a mixture of cute couple stories, desperate people stopping at nothing, and telling a lot of people they’d be better off barking up another crush’s tree. Not always fun, but someone has to do it!

Are you the love guru in your friend group? Do you give great love advice? Let me know!


Join me tomorrow for Thought Thursday (we’re going to get deep) and keep on checking in here for Everyday Enthusiasm.

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