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When You Find Your Teachers Have Lives Outside the Classroom

I read a book when I was pretty young called My Teacher Sleeps in School. It was all about how these kids believed that their teacher lived in school and everything. Well, they later found out that she didn’t live at school, but in a house just like them.

 Whether kids think about it or not, the illusion that your teacher ‘lives’ at school is always there. But then things happen, like what happened to me, and it brings an…unexpected awakening.

Every student who takes either Honors English III or AP Language and Composition at my school now knows that our teacher has a blog.

She has a life! It sounds rude, but it’s just so shocking to us all. We all know she lives in a house and has hobbies and such, but you don’t really realize it until it’s there in black and white and digital.

At school, the subject was as red-hot as the new Twilight movie. Even I was whispering to my friends about it!

I actually quite like her blog too. I know, what a creep, trolling on your English teacher’s blog. But it’s good stuff and she’s an amazing writer. No wonder she judges my AP essays so harshly! It was a bit weird though to learn some of her personal interests. I mean, I know she’s a person just like you and me but I felt like the boundary of student and teacher had blurred just the tiniest bit.

What are some of your “OMG! MY TEACHER HAS A LIFE” moments? Watching my classmates today was an absolute blast and I’d love to hear some more reactions.

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