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Where I Save & Splurge On My Beauty Routine

Recently in the group chat with my friends I mentioned that I had never gotten a manicure. And I blew minds. But it’s just not something I spend money on. And for some, it’s a necessary monthly expense. How we spend our money on our beauty routines varies from person to person, and today I’m sharing how I spend mine.

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As I’ve gotten older, the things I buy change. From discovering a more expensive foundation to finding a new hairdresser, I am always finding a new expense, but there’s only so much one can splurge on. Finding the items I can’t live without (and those I can save a dollar) has become a big part of my beauty routine and how I still afford rent.

My Beauty Routine Splurges & Saves

Skincare | Splurge

After many years of struggling with acne and rosacea, I’ve come to a point in my life where my skin is my main concern. It’s the thing I think of most when it comes to beauty. And while I try to use affordable products, I will not hesitate to use something expensive if it works. Expensive scrubs, fancy masks, and miracle worker serums are what keeps your skin the perfect specimen it is supposed to be. And while my holy grail skin product is as inexpensive as it gets, I will get a facial if it promises to fix my skin woes.

Makeup | Save

With the money I splurge on skincare, it means I can save on makeup. I am a drugstore makeup fan through and through. There are so many affordable, quality products out there that there’s no use in giving my paycheck to the beauty industry. But of course, with so many incredible products at real-people prices, that doesn’t mean I can’t go nuts in the makeup aisle at Target.

The only truly “expensive” product I buy is my tinted moisturizer since it’s the only one that matches my skin tone and doesn’t cause breakouts on my sensitive skin. My dermatologist recommended it last year and I can’t live without it.

Eyebrows | Splurge

I have funky eyebrows. And after years of attempting to pluck them on my own, those u-shaped beasts cannot be tamed by me. For over a decade I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed and it’s a luxury I can’t live without. Having someone else deal with them, shaping them perfectly, and not having to think about them for a month is glorious. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent is on my eyebrows.

Nails | Save

As I mentioned before, I don’t get manicures. In fact, I rarely do much more than trim them with the occasional paint. I love a good natural nail and I have a solid shape with okay cuticles. While they could probably use more maintenance, I don’t feel the need to spend the money on getting the perfect fingers.

Hair | Splurge

Like my skin, hair is a big thing for me. My bathroom is filled with sprays and oils for my hair to keep it manageable in the Portland humidity. And a good haircut goes a long way. While my salon may be a little bit pricier, I feel a difference in the quality of my cut and the relaxing feeling that washes over me in the chair. It’s worth it to pay a bit more to have a luxurious experience.

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