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Who Wants Some Fundamental Rights?

“Everyone is born with the same rights as the white male…there should be fundamental rights for everyone, something society is not doing.” – Sarah Frei, University of Oregon student.

A few weeks ago I covered an event for a class and asked a girl what Martin Luther King Jr.’s message means to her. She went into detail about how she believes that equality goes beyond just skin colour. Race, gender, sexuality, identity, etc. All of that falls under equality. And now it’s time we discuss it on the blog.

*cue Morgan getting serious*

I’m the kind of person who believes everyone deserves to be treated equally. No one person is better than the other. I’ve preached this more than once. And I think that’s why it stumps me that being treated equally and having fundamental rights is not something that is happening right now.

We all come into this world the same way (and not by stork) and because of that we all deserve to be nurtured in this world the same way. Discriminating against someone based on something they do not control is not treating everyone the same. I did not get to choose to be a white female. My best friend from middle school did not choose to be an African American female. The international students at my university did not choose to be Asian. And yet we are all treated different – depending on prejudices – based on these things that only a higher power controls. That isn’t fair.

It’s time to be fair.

I know, you’re all quoting your mothers now. “Life isn’t fair.” Well, let me tell you: If we all focused on how we can fix this problem, it can be a lot more fair. We all discuss the issue of equality as what a problem it is, not how we can solve it. Yes, it is a major problem. Yes, we should take steps to solve it.

Tell me why you would treat me (a Irish/Scottish/Danish-originated white woman) and my Arabian male neighbour differently. Why? What about us makes you decide to treat one better than the other? Are you scared? Do you not feel comfortable? Has your brain been poisoned by your forefathers? There is no difference between my neighbour and I besides our genitalia and skin colour. We are both people who deserve fundamental rights.

And what exactly are fundamental rights? Safe living conditions. Clean water. Not being discriminated against. Feeling safe in crowds. Being paid the same amount. Equal opportunity to ownership and employment. Marry whomever we love.

I don’t understand why this isn’t a worldwide mindset. Doesn’t it make sense that since we all came out of the womb we should all be treated the same outside of the womb? How hard is it to give people the same amount of money for the same work? Or to smile at everyone you meet, not just those that look like you? How hard is it?

One day I want to bring my child into a world where they won’t judge someone based on their race, gender, sexuality, identity, etc. That is my dream.

Let’s make this happen.

Do it for my future child.



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