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Why I Can't Stand Multi-Posters

multi-poster (n) – a person who continually posts/tweets during the day; a person who posts/tweets over 5 times a day

I can’t even start to pretend that I like this. I cannot stand multi-posters. They are the worst kind of people on Facebook and Twitter. When I check my News Feed (the one or two times I do it a day) I can immediately tell who the multi-posters are. They are the people who you see their statuses about every three feeds. Those are also, generally, the people who also tell their whole life story in their statuses.

I’m not a hater in the least, but multi-posting really gets under my skin. If I wanted to know every detail of you life, I’d ask. It is just annoying to clog my News Feed with your problems that I, at this point in time, do not care about and would rather see a funny joke or story instead.

What are some things that really get under your skin. Post so in the comments or on my Facebook page!

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