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Why I Gave Up Dessert

You know that thing called Lent? Where you give up something for the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter to increase spirituality? Yeah? Well, I am an official Lent participant.

For Lent I gave up dessert. No more cakes, cookies, cupcakes, or ice cream until Easter, which according to my calendar is 40 days away.

To clear the table, I am not Catholic. But then why do you participate in Lent? Spirituality is important to me. I think that doing something for what you believe is important, no matter how small or insignificant. People who supports groups such as GSA and other equality or religious groups are inspirations, doing something for a cause they believe true. I’m giving up dessert to become closer to God by stretching my will power.

Giving up a vice is hard. I’ve been tempted by cupcakes for my teacher’s birthday, ice cream at a steak feed, and chocolate in my own cupboards. But I remain persistent that I will continue not eating dessert (eating dessert was becoming a real problem with me before) and increase my connection with God. And that’s important to me. And that’s what matters.

Do you celebrate Lent? If so, what did you give up and why?

Tell me your thoughts on Lent and other spiritual holidays. I’d love to see how the community of the Internet reacts to such unofficial holidays.

Love always,

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