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Why I Love Lists

Throughout my posts in the last 7 months, you might have noticed that I make a lot of lists. Lists of movies, books, actors, songs, etc. It’s because I love lists.

I’ve been making lists for years now. When I was in second grade and learned the rule of “blank, blank and blank.” It was the first time I’d learned what a list really was. You could go on forever and ever as long as you put ‘and’ in front of the last item. From then on I was hooked.

A whole lot of people think lists are stupid. Only a few days ago, on Thursday, The Daily Post had a topic about writing a list about why you hate lists. But why hate lists? They keep you organized and on task. At this very moment I’m sitting in the desk in my room, looking at the wall above my computer. I have 5 sticky notes in a line. On the first sticky note I have 4 bullets about internships and college. On the second I have the things I need to buy. The third is all about cleaning the hard drive of my laptop. On the fourth we have a bunch of yard sale preparations. And on my fifth we have all my blogging reminders. I’d forget all of this stuff if it wasn’t for these lists.

The greatest film/book of all time about lists is High Fidelity. The entire thing is about lists. Lists about his Top 5 Break-ups, Top 5 Singles, Top 5 Artists, etc. It’s the perfect fix for a list junkie.

Another thing I love about lists is etc. You can put down a bunch of similar things, separated by commas, and put ‘etc.’ at the end. It’s ingenious. When I discovered ‘etc.’ it was like God shone a light down from heaven and it brightened my little head. It was truly that magical.

Lists are a truly amazing thing. They can get your point across, remind you of things, help you number certain events/people/objects, and group together similar items. Use a list and enjoy as your life becomes just a little bit better 🙂

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