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Why I Love Living in a Studio Apartment

It was shortly after my move to Portland in 2016 that I moved into my first studio apartment. It was an older place, with a defective fire alarm and the cutest little creek outside the window. 400 SF that were all mine. A year later I moved into my current residence – a 500 SF studio with a patio, breakfast bar, and no neighbor noises. And for a small space, it’s truly bliss.

When the time came for me to renew, I considered going somewhere else. But I’ve grown to love having a studio. I’m not even sure what I’d do with 1 bedroom. Having a studio has become a big part of who I am and my habits and if you’re considering the switch, let me convince you now.

3 Reasons to Love Studio Apartments

It Forces You to be Tidy

The thing about having so little space is that every mess is big. If I don’t vacuum for a week, it looks like it’s been a month. Living in a studio has kept me on top of my tidying schedule. And while I may be the worst vacuum/duster cleaner on the planet, keeping my shoes nicely stacked, my papers put away, and my dishes clean have all become part of my daily schedule. I am a tidier person because of where I live, which is a blessing.

Less Space = Less Furniture

One of my more idiotic/iconic moments of my life is when I called my mom after seeing the first studio I would live in and told her, “It’s so small! There’s no way my Queen bed will fit.” Studios are small. And while I was wrong (the bed did fit – and I felt like a moron) you have to be strategic about your furniture. Multi-purpose items like a dresser and bookcase are essential, and I save a ton of money not buying extra stuff to fill space. Your wallet will thank you, and the less stuff you have to dust is fantastic too.

You Can Appreciate All Your Things Every Day

One of the biggest mind shifts that’s come with living in a studio has been being around my stuff all day, every day. There’s no separation. As I sit on my couch writing this, I can see my bed and my refrigerator at the same time. When I lived in my old place, it’s something that bothered me to no end. I needed a change. But as we approach nearly 3 years of studio living, I’ve grown to like it. Whether it’s switching working from my couch to the breakfast bar, or watching TV in my Eames chair instead of bed, it doesn’t feel monotonous anymore. I love everything I own, and being able to appreciate it and the hard work that went into affording it is another way I’m learning to be more grateful this year.

Who knows what the future has in store for me when it comes to my living arrangements, but for now I’m more than happy. My 500 SF and I are going into 2019 very optimistic.

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