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Why I Love My Weighted Blanket {And Why It’s Worth the $}

Imagine falling asleep every night with the perfect amount of blanket. Not too hot, not too cold, perfectly heavy, and you don’t have to roll around to get it into the perfect position. Imagine having a weighted blanket.

Remember the day weighted blankets became known to the internet? Kickstarters were the only way to get one and I didn’t get the hype. While they seemed cool, it also seemed like it couldn’t be real. Even as a chronically bad sleeper – I apologize to everyone who has shared a bed with me – I couldn’t put my money down on a “blanket with weights inside to alleviate anxiety”. And then I picked up and outrageously heavy box at Christmas and my whole mindset changed.

I love my weighted. Love. It has become my best friend. Sure, when I first saw a skinny blanket that weighed a ton I was skeptical, but it has improved my sleep and created relaxation in my night that I have never felt before.

Morgan’s Top Weighted Blanket Picks

As a chronically anxious person who panics about once an hour, my blanket is a godsend when I’m home. The weight is comforting when I’m reading or watching TV or even working from home on my couch.

These heavy blankets {which are supposed to be 10% of your body weight to be most effective} provide a sweet comfort. Once you lie down, the weight soothes, alleviating the need to toss and turn at night. I fall asleep within the hour when I use my weighted blanket, and generally stay in the same position all night.

My life has drastically improved from this blanket. And this isn’t a sponsored post. This is a girl, writing to the internet, saying this is an investment in your mental health and sleep patterns. And you can’t put a price on that.

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