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Why I Stopped Glamorizing Bad Habits

I’m going to make this pretty short and sweet as I sliced open two of my fingers earlier {what lengths I go to for fresh lime juice} but this is important, so I shall persevere. Let’s talk about why we need to stop glamorizing unhealthy, bad habits.

why i stopped glamorizing bad habits

Around December of last year I found myself at a cross roads. Most of my friends were in college still and partying on the regular, not getting enough sleep, and over caffeinating was the regular. But with my full time job I couldn’t do those and be a productive employee. As a society we have all had those arguments over who got less sleep or had more shots of espresso, the winner being the person with the worse health. And I realized I had to either win those arguments and lose my job, or lose the arguments and be a real adult.

Sleeping less than seven hours is not cool. Three cups of coffee {or more} a morning is unhealthy. Binge drinking every weekend and being hungover to the point of paralyzation, no. But our culture has decided that in our ’20s that is how we should be. Unless you’re hungry, tired, and rocking last night’s makeup, are you really a twenty something? That’s what I asked myself.

 scream queens hungover billie lourd GIF

And I decided that wasn’t worth it to me. Why kill our bodies – teach ourselves bad habits – just because it makes us win a pointless, ongoing competition? We don’t have to live that way. Sure, there are days that are exceptions {I can think of a particular Wednesday a few weeks back rocking my venti cold brew with no sleep} but it’s no prize. I feel groggy, unproductive, and generally awful. How is that winning?

So I made the decision at the beginning of the year to stop glorifying that behaviour. No longer was I going to act like it was cool to stay up until 3am binge drinking, eating only junk, and never working out. Instead, I chose to look up to people who were taking care of their bodies. I gave up caffeine. I’m asleep by 10pm at the latest. I walk at least 5K steps a day. And I think about how my action affect my body.

And my body has never been kinder to me.

The minute you stop treating your body however because society says the more of a hot mess you are, the cooler/hipper/glamorous/funny/millennial you are, you take control of who you are. Real adulting is knowing that you are the only one standing in your way. You don’t have to make a 180 turn. Simply not participating in the glorification of bad habits is the best step to making a healthier culture.

I hope you’ll join me in taking care of our bodies and slowly helping our next generation with the end of the glamorization of bad habits.

Thank you for reading.

Stay classy, Internet,

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