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Why I Stopped Washing My Hair Every Day

Junior year of high school a girl in my class told me she washed her hair once a week and instantly I was so disgusted I no longer wanted to sit next to her. Yes, I am a wash-my-hair-every-day kind of girl.

I have the kind of hair that even when I break all the hair rules (washing every day, blow drying every day, not using heat protectant, bleaching, etc.) whenever I go into the salon I am told that I have healthy, beautiful hair. Even when I had two years of grown out ombre my stylist still was surprised by how healthy and full of life my hair was. Wow, brag much?

Because of this, I continue to break hair rules on a regular basis – although I am improving – and decided that in a bold move to take better care of my hair I would try washing it every other day for a week. And considering how greasy my hair gets, it was definitely an experiment. Here’s my experience:

It’s all about the haircut

awesome Next / Nadia Mejia:

Actual picture I took into my stylist and this is how i style my hair 90% of the time.

I started my experiment after cutting about 4-5 inches of my hair, effectively snipping all of the bleach ombre from May 2014 and adding layers that 100% let me copy Julianne Hough’s haircut. I typically wear this new haircut with relaxed curls and volumized side part.

To see what I use on my hair normally, read last week’s post on my beauty routine.

When I had longer hair (my usual haircut is below my shoulder blades with long layers and a side part) when I skipped a day of washing my hair ended up looking greasy and no matter what I did it looked unkept and gross. With my shorter cut, I’m noticing that sometimes the grease makes it cuter. If day one hair is slightly curled with a deep side part, day two hair has a piecey straight texture that looks like I just spent the day in the ocean.

Seriously, getting the right haircut (aka, one that allows a bit of unkeptness) is the trick to pulling off second day hair.

Not every dry shampoo works the same

Because I washed my hair every day I had one bottle of dry shampoo that I live for. But, of course, as soon as I started this experiment I ran out. Which left me with some dry shampoo paste and a mousse dry shampoo, both of which I was highly skeptical of.

The result? On second day hair, I mostly just needed it at my roots near my face, so the dry shampoo paste worked really well because it wasn’t heavy and soaked up the oils well. The mousse, which I was more than nervous due to its wet consistency on dry hair, was okay, but definitely was for when I wanted to throw hair in a bun because it did not prolong my next day style.

A special trick? Apply dry shampoo before you go to bed so it can soak up those oils while you’re sleeping.

Oh please, let me get my regular dry shampoo soon!

What I learned about volume-enhancing mousse

Best Mousse: Tresemme Thermal Creations Volumizing Mousse:

Three years ago I bought a bottle of volumizing heat protectant mousse. While I almost never used it with my long hair (it just made my hair feel heavier) with my shorter style I am obsessed. I have to use it before I blow dry and it gives me great volume and makes my hair have that sort of flirty, messy vibe that I am living for.

On second day hair my hair keeps most of the volume and keeps the strands easier to play with when I’m sticking the dry shampoo paste in them. I also like that it gives my hair a little weight, which keeps a lot of the flyaways at bay, even after tossing in my sleep.

Buns are 100% a second day hair thing

The perfect messy bun, never knew til now how important this is to know:

When I had long hair and didn’t have time to wash it before class, I would throw it up in a bun only to realize it looked worse that way. Seriously, it just looked greasy and unkept and icky. But with short hair, there is so much volume that I could do second day hair buns every day of the week.

The trick is to pull the hair back by running hands from temple to crown. Once pulled back into a bun (remember, volume-enhancing mousse and a curling iron on fresh hair are my saviors) take fingers and push the front straight back, making sure it still has volume and isn’t pushed flat to the skull. It seriously is the cutest bun!

Why would you wash your hair every day?

What have I learned? That I should not wash my hair every day. While sometimes I like to do it every day because it leaves me feeling fresh and ready for the day, when I’m in a rush I no longer need to worry. This experiment taught me that there’s a reason there are so any hair tricks in the world, and I look forward to my next little hair experiment.

Want me to try a hair hack? Comment below!


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