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Why My Boyfriend is an Idiot

Happy anniversary to me!

Six months ago this guy came into my life and completely swept me off my feet. He introduced me to the best sushi in Eugene, my love of the Springfield Winco that doesn’t make you pay for bags and several Japanese words that he definitely overuses. And he’s kind of the sweetest person on the planet.

His goal? To be on my blog. So today, in honour of our six month anniversary (that’s a whole half year, folks), I am making a list of reasons he is the complete idiot that I love.

6 Reasons I Keep You in My Life


1. You can always make me laugh, even if it’s a terrible joke

On a day to day basis, you make about 400 terrible jokes. And sometimes they are so bad I just have to hit you so that you’ll stop laughing at yourself. But no matter what, even when I’m incredibly sad, you bring a smile to my face every day.

2. You’ve become my best friend

I’ve already got my chummy, and you’ve made another wonderful best friend. I can talk to you about anything and can share all the wonderful things in my life with you. It’s great that I get to have two best friends and one of them is you. Even if one of the “wonderful” things we get to share is roommate problems or period cramps.

3. Your Birkenstocks have become a fashion catastrophe

I swear, if I see you wear your Birkenstocks with your PDX shirts & socks with rolled up black jeans once more, I might burn your closet. However, if you wear anything else in your closet, you can keep your closet.

4. Your poster collection is growing on me

The first into your apartment, way way back in November, I remember being completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of posters that line your walls. Six months later, I’m sitting in your apartment eating garlic chicken spring rolls and appreciating the posters that are everywhere around me.

5. You’ve made me love Asian food

After growing up in a completely Americanized food family, the amount of Asian food you’ve introduced into my diet is ridiculous. But it’s made me love Asian food, so it’s okay. And we trade off buying each other sushi which is probably the best relationship ever!

6. I hate Snookieboo

There are nicknames like honey and pumpkin and coochiecoo, but you are the king of making ridiculous nicknames up. Snookieboo must be the worst of the mix. But all relationships come with compromises, so if you continue to call me Snookieboo then that’s okay.


Anyway, happy six month anniversary, honey! I can’t wait to see what else happens with us and all the more idiotic things you’ll do in the future!

Love, Snookieboo


Stay classy, Internet,










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