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Why My Dad is My Best Friend

Happy birthday to the most amazing dad on the planet!

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Go Ducks! Graduated nearly 30 years apart.

One of the hardest things about being an adult with a job and 10am math class is that there is no luxury of going home whenever you want. So today I can’t be there for my BFF’s birthday, but he’s in my thoughts. And to make up for being 300 miles away, here’s a blog post on why my dad is my best friend…and the best.

I was raised by the most amazing parents and each of them are the best parents/friends a girl could ask for. Seriously, I was whacked with that lucky stick. But today’s about my dad, so here’s all of the amazing and cool things about Mr. Dad (as the kids from church used to call him).


Mike & Mo naps. These still happen, though usually on the couch with golf on and the dog laying on us.

My dad is the only person who can make me break down laughing 0 to 60.

My dad is always supportive and without his support I don’t know if I would have accomplished half of where I am today.

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The best nights are grilling on the deck while getting him to pose for me.

My dad is the best griller on the planet. No one can compare to his Tri-tip.

My dad is the only person who calls me MoMo and doesn’t have to ask permission.

My dad is one of the most loving people on the planet and has the biggest heart. Seeing him in his family and his professional life I see how amazing he is with people and working to create the best environment. It’s a truly wonderful quality.

My dad and I are both University of Oregon alumni, so that’s pretty much the coolest part.


This is one of my favourites, mostly because it involves hands-free food and 90s overalls.

My dad and I are the biggest foodies. We could just gorge on gourmet food for hours.

My dad actually learned 1/2 of One Direction’s names because he knows I like them. When I called him to say that Niall Horan had caddied for Rory McIlroy he already knew.

My dad and I both love cop shows. He understands my need for SVU.

My dad is great with my friends and he always makes the party a little better. I’m going to have to rent him out for when we get older.

My dad is constantly trying to improve life and that’s something I aspire to copy every day.


Yes, Dad, I kept this picture.

My dad goes along with all of my enthusiasms. Back in the day he never made fun of me watching High School Musical ten times a day. He even learned the words to “Breaking Free”.

My dad gives the best hugs.

My dad has the ability to be every kid’s favourite adult. I am actually jealous that when my little neighbors see me after months away at school they just say, “Where’s Mike?”


Oregon football games are pretty much my family’s religion.

My dad loves his family so much and has given so much for us and provided my brother and I with an amazing childhood. If every kid grew up with a dad half as great as mine there would be no unhappy families.

I love you, Daddy Man, and can’t wait to see you in a few weeks to sit on the patio with Coop, to bug Mom with our weird pranks, and to catch up on all of our Mike-Mo time.

Love, MoMo


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