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Why My Mom is My Role Model

Happy birthday to the most loving and classy mom in the world!

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.59.33 PM

Graduation with the woman who honestly kept me from a mental breakdown for three years.

I want to give the biggest shoutout to my mother who spent her birthday (which was technically yesterday) driving five hours to help me pack up my apartment and clean my kitchen because she’s literally the most amazing mom on the planet. Seriously, what wouldn’t she do for her kids?

I am the luckiest girl ever because my mom is more than just my mother, she is my best friend and my role model. If I could be anyone, it would be my mother. She is all the qualities I hope to be and lives a life I aspire to. I couldn’t imagine being something greater than her. She is such a great person and in honour of her birthday I thought I would list all the reasons I hope to be like her, aka the coolest, classiest woman in the world.

My mom is my role model because she always knows exactly what to wear for anything and everything.

My mom is my role model because she is always there to help people and never asks for anything in return.


We tried to take a picture with the dog and instead got the most perfect picture of us laughing instead.

My mom is my role model because she always knows how to cheer me up, even when I’m in my worst mood.

My mom is my role model because she decorates with the ease of a finely tuned interior designer and it always looks amazing.

My mom is my role model because she listens to everything I say (even the really weird stuff) and she remembers it and makes sure I feel like I’m heard.

My mom is my role model because she knows exactly how to throw a party and they go off so flawlessly. I am actually jealous of her party-planning abilities, they are so perfect.


From last year’s birthday, at Mother’s in Portland.

My mom is my role model because she makes every birthday for everyone amazing and special even when I’m 300 miles away at university.

My mom is my role model because she can be the classiest person in the room, but when a good song comes on the radio she can headbang like no other.

My mom is my role model because she is not afraid to tell me how bad an ankle tattoo is. Everyone needs that in their life.

My mom is my role model because she can pack up an entire house with two kids under 10 and do a fantastic job. My biggest goal in life is to be able to move like she has done all these years.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.00.12 PM

Honestly my favourite photo of us because what’s better than family and Christmas and coordinating outfits?

My mom is my role model because she honestly has the best, age-appropriate wardrobe of any mother and gets so many compliments from my friends. I want to be that kind of mom when I have kids.

My mom is my role model because she can laugh at herself.

My mom is my role model because she chooses jobs that allow her to help people, while also working around her family. She’s a selfless person.

My mom is my role model because she can take me to go see “Mean Girls” and realize that it’s not a movie about bullying in high school and leave saying, “Well, that was not what I was expecting, but let me tell you that high school is not like that.” I respect that she still continued to relate the movie to bullying.


From baby to drinking age, I can’t imagine a better mom to have.

My mom is my role model because she gives so much to those she loves and reaches out where she can, whether it’s phone calls on random Sundays to make sure I’m not lonely or coming up on a free weekend to go shopping and eat Baja Fresh. She is always there for her family.

I love my momma so much and am so lucky to have her in my life and here with me today on such a special day. I’m so glad I get to spend every birthday with you because just like I’m your dream come true, you’re the best I could ever imagine. And yay for the next five weeks of Mommy & Mo dates with sushi!

Lots of love, Mo


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