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Why Not…Compliment Someone

Ever had someone tell you that you look nice and it made you feel all fuzzy inside? That’s the feeling you get when you receive a compliment.


Noun: A polite expression of praise or admiration.

A compliment is when you tell someone that you like the way they styled their hair or that their couch cushions are a lovely shade of blue.  It makes the person who is being complimented feel really good inside. And then they pass it on and in the end we get a whole wide world full of people feeling good about themselves. So, to create this world full of compliments, here is five reasons why you should compliment someone.

  1. Make someone feel good! Nothing makes someone’s day special like being told something awesome about themselves. Today I was told that the story I submitted for our literary magazine was the best they’d read. I felt super special all day long!

  2. Make yourself feel good! Giving someone a compliment and seeing their face light up actually increases your own self-confidence. So, tell someone something nice and feel your own happiness increase!

  3. Get one back! Chances are that if you spread the good-mood vibe around your school, it will get back to you sooner than later. It’s called the Boomerang Effect and it works!

  4. Gets rid of an awkward situation! If you are in an awkward situation (i.e. talking to a rival/ex-beau) make the moment a bit less awkward by complimenting them on their new shoes or fantastic new haircut. Problem solved!

  5. Improve the mood in your school/work place! By spreading around positive morale with compliments where you go to school/work, the entire place will brighten and be changed for the better. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

So, why not compliment someone? Make the world slightly better just by going out of your way and complimenting someone. Try it and tell me your results!

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