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Why Was I Scared of University?

I cried the day my mother dropped me off at university.

We were sitting in the Eugene Rod Robin and I was trying to replace my feelings with calories. The past few months I had believed that my last few minutes of the only life I knew would be easy, would slip off my shoulders and I would move onto university life a cool cat. Not exactly.

Our server, who I have had the pleasure of meeting each time I go to Red Robin, was polite enough to not mention my tear-streaked face. I’m sure he was wondering why a young woman was crying in a chain restaurant, though he refrained from asking. But had he asked, verbally questioned my emotional state, I’m not sure what I would have told him. The actual reason behind my emotions is a mystery.

I wasn’t upset about leaving my family. There had been too many dinner conversations over my departure for me to feel emotional about it. I wasn’t worried about a roommate as I didn’t have one. I liked my dorm room. I even knew someone who lived in my hall! So why was I crying in front of strangers?

I’ve now been at university for four months. The reason for my hysterics is still unknown. And looking back on the whole event I am incredibly embarrassed. Not because I cried in public (I do that at the movies all the time,) but rather because I love university.

The most rational reason for my tears is that I was scared. It’s a big move going from the comfort of home to not a single adult to take care of you. If that doesn’t strike fear into your bones, please go into the daredevil business.

University is by far the best college experience I have ever had. Yes, the lack of supervision and social pressure can be a bit intimidating, but I love it!

I know a lot of you are looking into which university you want to attend next year. And I know that in the fall you will be in the same place I was. And it’s going to be intimidating and you will wish that you could go back to the comfort of your childhood home. So here I am, telling you that you will definitely overcome that pit of fear in your stomach and you will end up loving university more than anything!

It’s midterms week and tensions are high, but I’m still loving college more than anything. As people we can accustom ourselves to anything, and once we get accustomed, we can take it over! Therefore I have made University of Oregon my subject, and I am it’s Queen.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Please wish me luck on midterms, projects, and overall college domination.

Stay classy, Internet,









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