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Why You Don't Always Have to Fit In

It’s easy to want to be a cool kid.

My whole life I wanted to be a cool kid. I thought being the cool kid would instantly make my whole life better. But after a good 20 years of me not being the cool kid, I like being an outsider.

I actually kind of prefer it.

From television adverts to magazine ads to just about every form of public media there is, fitting in and being cool is forced upon us like it’s the only way of life. And that’s why people feel bad when they aren’t part of the status quo. But in actuality, these “standards” are something that few possess and usually come about by complete faking. Not fitting those standards is normal.

I’ve never been one of the cool kids. I’ve had glasses, braces, acne, etc. at some point my entire life. Which is definitely not part of the “image” cool kids come with. So I’ve always been some sort of outsider, hanging with a variety of different people because I want to. And it’s opened me up to so many new people that aren’t this cookie-cutter image we have. Yes, being a cool kid doesn’t make you one-dimensional, but I do believe that the people who aren’t in that group tend to be people who branch out more and have different and varied interests from that of the mainstream.

Being an individual person is the truest form of self love you can give. And as a big advocate of self love, not fitting might be the best advice I can give. Love yourself by being yourself! You’re awesome, and if the people in the “in group” can’t appreciate that, why would you want to be friends with them? For years I was friends with people who made me want to change myself so I could fit in. But my current friends, my girls to the end, they love me for all the quirks and weirdness. And if being myself is going to give me friends who I know are going to always be by my side, how could I possibly give that up?

So, why don’t you always have to fit in? Because fitting in is a made up concept by media to make people think a certain way and buy certain products.

Don’t fit in, be yourself.

Even if that means that you aren’t buying the same tan UGGs that all the other 10th grade girls have. It’s a hard life.


Stay classy, Internet,










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