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Why You Should Work an Office Job

Thinking an office job is a little below your pay grade?

Having an office job is one of the best career moves you can make. Why? It will teach you so much for future jobs.

At the beginning of the summer I started a new job as a student office assistant for my school. It’s a lot of answering phones and running for mail, but it has taught me so much about the work force. And it’s why I recommend that everyone try an office job at least once.

And it just might help you get your dream job.

Why an Office Job Might Be Your Best Career Move. It will…

1. Teach you how to do a resume

Working as an assistant means you’re doing a lot of random jobs that no one else wants to do. Such as sort through resumes for an upcoming job position. And then you look through 20 resumes and see what looks good and doesn’t look good. And if your boss has you look through for specific information, you’ll see what employers actually want on resumes.

Use this as your free advice on how to make the perfect resume.

2. Top-notch your organization in every way

Having an office job means that you need to know where everything is at any moment. Name tags? Binders? Sticky notes? This job will teach you how to be efficient with your desk space and how to remember where everything is. It’s going to be really handy for the real job world, and for your apartment…

3. Familiarize you with computer programs

How many times have I used Microsoft Publisher before the job? 1. How many times have I used Microsoft Publisher since the job? 1,000.

There are going to be plenty of different programs your boss is going to want you to use. I’ve become a pro at Microsoft Publisher and making extremely complicated billing sheets on Microsoft Excel. Do you know how helpful this has been for life. SO HELPFUL!

4. Teach you to deal with frustrated professionals

In your future job there is going to be a time when your boss/colleague is going to be frustrated and yelling and you’re going to be like, “Uh…” Your office job is going to make you able to deal with this situation.

Being in an office job means that you’re likely going to deal with an upset superior at some point, or a lost person who has completely lost their cool or a frustrated person over the phone. The repeated exposure to these situations will make you better at dealing with them, which is a major employable skill.

5. Prepare you for what your boss will expect from you

Likely in this position you’ll have a supervisor who will call you with tasks. And they’ll let you know what they expect from others too. Listen to what your supervisor tells you about what is expected from various jobs because that will show you what employers are looking for. And that’s just Heaven handing you a “Free Job” card.


Having a desk job has taught me so much about the professional world, and hopefully this post taught you all of that too!

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