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Willy Loman Inspired This

In English class we are reading Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. It’s a really great play, but it’s hard to enjoy it when you have a bunch of 16-year-olds butchering it with their reading.

The whole point of DOAS is this salesman, Willy Loman, who has started to really regret his life and not living up to his expectations. Willy wanted to be the most coveted family in New York, making lots of money, having a sports star son and knowing that his family would just be on top. Those things were on his bucket list. But Willy only gets failure in everything. Which really made me think.

The entire play makes me think about my own life. What are my plans for when I get out of high school? What is on my bucket list? What is my Willy Loman plan? After lots of thought, I made up this list of what I want to accomplish before I die.

  1. I want to have lived in London, England for at least a year

  2. I want to have written and published a book, which hopefully is a big seller

  3. I want to get married to my soul mate

  4. Children!

  5. I want to have a great job working for a magazine (hopefully fashion)

  6. I want to meet my grandchildren

  7. I want to know that I’ve created a loving family

  8. I want to have lived in New York City

  9. I want to have an article published about me

Those are the things that I want more than anything. I want to have a great family and to have experienced the world. I want to have made a difference in people’s lives and finally live out my publishing dreams. I want so many things before I die. I want to say that, in my last few minutes of life, that I’ve accomplished everything I ever wanted. That I feel educated and experienced. When I die, I want no regrets.

So, Willy Loman, you inspired this thinking inside of me. Thank you for helping me realize my dreams and hopefully you have inspired others too. And for my readers, feel free to make your own bucket list and post it in the comments. Help Willy Loman help you! Thank you for reading.


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