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Willy Loman Inspired This…Again

Two years ago I wrote a post called “Willy Loman Inspired This” (read this post before you read this one) where I stole a note out of the play Death of a Salesman and created a list of things I wanted to do with my life. Since then I have matured. I’m 18 years old now and I have discovered more about myself, figured out a bit more of my future, and I have a bit more insight to how I really want to spend the next 70 years or so. Or at least more than I did when I was 16.

Because of this, I’ve decided to redo my list. To make changes that come with maturing and figuring out that the life you thought you wanted when you were 16 isn’t exactly what you want when you’re 18. This list is a bit longer and a bit more specific, but one thing about me is that I like to make lists. Lists that I can look back to for a reference. So while I am off being an adult for the next oh-so-many years, I can look back at this measly post and see if I am living up to what I expected. So, let’s get started, yeah?


I want to have finished university with a steady job

I want to have travelled to all the countries in my ancestry

I want to sit in an Irish pub and experience the atmosphere

I want to run a marathon

I want to meet my soul mate (who better be British, because otherwise there is no point)

I want to have the most traditional wedding of all traditional weddings

I want to work at Entertainment Weekly

I want to sit on the back patio with my parents while my dad relentlessly teases my husband

I want to have children

I want to be that embarrassing mom who gets excited about everything

I want to start my own home décor blog

I want to help my children in any way they need

I want to have a healthy, steady family life

I want to never be bored with my life

I want to actually write something worth reading

I want to pass on knowing that I did the best I could for my family

And that is my new-and-improved Willy Loman list. I hate trying to figure out the future (since it’s impossible) but I like to have goals. And these are my goals for what I want to do at the moment. They might change, but I like to live in the present.

Also, the reason I re-did this post was because this post is my favorite post. Not just for the content, but for what happened with it. This was my first post that was Freshly Pressed by WordPress and it was a special day that it happened. I remember writing this blog for five months, knowing that few were reading it, but enjoying writing it all the same. And then I came home from school one day and looked at my stats and WOWZA! I had hit 1,100 views that day! I had to do a double take, but sure enough, that was the real number. And even since then, you have all been so supportive of my writing, with your lovely words and encouraging comments. You are the reason I’m still here two years later. So, thank you WordPress, for deeming me worthy of your biggest award.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and will comment below with what you would like to accomplish with the rest of your life. I love to hear what you have to say. And if you liked what you read, I hope you’ll think of subscribing below to read more of the lovely content I try to provide. And thank you to the increasing rate of subscribers I’ve received, you are blowing my mind!

Thank you for being the most lovely people on the Internet. I love each and every one of you.

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. I am really sorry for my lack of consistent updating. I’m having a few health troubles that make me really tired, but I’m getting my results back soon, so when this leaves my system and I graduate (only two weeks baby!) you will have more Morgan than ever before! Thanks for being patient!






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