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Writing a Book 101

Writing a Book 101: Tips and Tricks

Don’t Make a Title First Make a Title First Everyone will tell you that you should not make a title when you first start writing a book because you should just let your mind flow and work it’s magic. They’re wrong. If you want to write a book, come up with a title and use that title for inspiration when you’re writing. I mean, you can change it whenever, so what’s the harm?

Write Whatever You Want Know Your Facts If you are writing about a place in Australia and it is real, do the research and find out the climate, weird facts, etc. If it’s fictional, do what you like. But don’t be pulling stuff out of your jean pockets in hope of not having to research New Zealand for two days.

Try to be like Best-Selling Authors Be Original If people wanted all authors to be the same, there would be no need for new authors. Don’t try to be exactly like your favorite author. Give your book your own original touch and become someone else’s favorite author.

Give Your Characters Extremely Original Names Don’t Name Your Characters Nienslkdajosenks Unless that name sounds appropriate for the character you are writing about, don’t give people a name that will distract from your story. The worst is when someone asks someone else what your book is about and answers, “I don’t remember. I just remember the guy with the name Nienslkdajosenks.”

Be Extremely Serious Have Fun Writing Just because you’re writing a book it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Don’t make it into a chore that you drag yourself to. If you hit a writer block, play Twister while you think of a new character name or work on a Sudoku while trying to map out your character’s escape. Make it something you love doing, not something you dread doing.

Keep it all Inside Your Head Keep an Inspiration Board What I love to do is make inspiration boards for your book. I use Microsoft Office OneNote and drag pictures, quotes, people who look like the characters I’m creating, etc. to make a huge board full of anything I’d like to use inside my book. That way, if I hit a snag, I can look at my inspiration board and be back on track!

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