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"x" Album Review

In honour of me seeing Ed Sheeran tonight (yes, I am going to see the wonderful British music genius tonight) I am putting up my review of “x” Ed Sheeran’s latest album. This album is so amazing and I’ve been putting the songs in every playlist I’ve made for weeks, so reviewing it only seemed natural. Thought please remember that I only know my own musical tastes and that’s it. I have zero musical training (though I can play two chords on the guitar.) So, without further ado, here is my review of “x.”

on iTunes. And next week I’ll let you know if it sounds just as good live! (Yes, I am internally combusting about getting to see him live because I love Ed’s music.)

“x” by Ed Sheeran

1. One

This song is slow and sweet and I always find myself singing along. A lot of Ed’s music is slower, but on this album this slower song is definitely one of my favourites. It’s just too cute and all about there only being one person for you. It’s great for car listening music.

2. I’m a Mess

Whenever I hear the title of this song I start singing the chorus, because it just gets stuck in your head. The thing about Sheeran’s songs isn’t that they are catchy like pop music, but they get stuck in your head and play constantly, without ever getting annoying. This song just has this beat that makes the music burn through your veins and blurt the lyrics out as you get into the music. 100% recommend.

3. Sing

The 7 and 9-year-old that I babysit both admit this is their favourite Sheeran song. And it’s just so funky that most agree. You can play this song in about any social setting and everyone will get up and dance! The great thing about alternative music is that there is no boundary, and that’s what this song is. It goes every which way and makes the song even better than you can imagine. When you think the song has hit the best part, you realize that the next bit is also the best. Truly a fantastic song to groove to!

4. Don’t

So much controversy behind the woman in this song, but let’s just focus on the song. Especially because if you are the girl, damn, you get an awesome song written about you. This song is going to make you get up and start moving your body, because it’s just one of those songs. Such a great beat paired with clever and sorta vindictive lyrics and it’s impossible to not just bop your head and think, “Wow, this girl is a jerk.”

5. Nina

At first this song kind of went past me, but upon a closer listen I was like, “Wait, how did I not fall in love sooner?” Like most Sheeran songs (you’ll realize I say this about almost all his songs) it has an amazing beat, especially on the “Nina” lines. The toddlers I watch both have admitted they like this song as they actually lie still for their diaper change when I put it on. Can I name myself Nina so I look like less of a weirdo singing this song constantly?

6. Photograph

A slower song that fits perfectly in the album lineup. One thing Sheeran does great is making powerful songs that really make you think and get sappy. Which is a great way to describe this song. It’s such a cute song about being in love and, as someone never been in that position, I can imagine the feelings of what Sheeran is trying to express because of how beautifully he pairs the lyrics with the slow drum beat. It’s a really powerful song that everyone will like because of the sentiment.

7. Bloodstream

Back to faster paced! Just within two seconds of this song you know it’s going to have a good beat. Maybe not a favourite of mine on the album, this song is still good. Certain verses are better than others, but overall this song goes along well with the rest of the album and that beat definitely makes up any slack in it.

8. Tenerife Sea

My love for this song begins with the name, because I love quirky names. Then my love continues on with the cute beginning lyrics and sweet rhythm and just general mellow feeling. It’s wonderful for playing in your low lit bedroom with a book and your feet resting on a pillow. That’s how I imagine this song. Give it a listen and I think you’ll agree.

9. Runaway

The first time I heard this song I started bobbing along because it had me hooked in the first five chords. This is on all my pump up playlists and is great for motivating me to do anything on my todo list (aka this review that I have less than an hour to write.) It’s just funky and cool and all the other awesome adjectives I use to describe Sheeran because this song is just all that. Definitely one of my favourites on the album.

10. The Man

Probably my least favourite song on the album, but that’s just because I don’t really like this musical style. Like I said before, alternative doesn’t have many limits, so this song goes along with what it wants, and what it wants and what I want are very different. But at certain bits I like it and if you enjoy rap then I think you would enjoy it more than me.

11. Thinking Out Loud

Not going to lie, I actually had to check the artist the first time this came up. Because it seemed so un-Sheeran when I first heard it. But then the hook came around and I was like, ” SHEERAN HAS SURPRISED ME!” and I fell in love with it. It’s an incredibly cool song and the difference makes me like it because I like when artists not only expand, but make you think, “Wow, I didn’t know they could do that.” Definitely a good song for chilling about.

12. Afire Love

This is a cool song I’ve spoken to others about and they’ve agreed they’ve liked it a lot. The beat is one of those consistent beats that brings the song along and makes the message even stronger. I always feel myself moving along to this song and just enjoying the real power behind it. I truly adore this song and it needs to be played more on the radio.

13. Take It Back

Kind of like “The Man” this song isn’t really my style. But for some reason I’ve grown weirdly fond of it. Probably because it makes me think of street performing and I would definitely tip a dollar or two into the guitar case of whoever sings this song in the park. Yes, that is what I believe this song is. Good, but mostly for park performing.

14. Shirtsleeves

I just love how this song sounds. Turn off your brain and just sit back and listen to this song and you will know what I mean. It just sounds free and alive and I love that. I like songs that just lift you from the dreary and turn on your lights, and fantastic drum beats usually do that to me. This song is another one for sitting in your room and letting the day go.

15. Even My Dad Does Sometimes

All I’m going to say about this song is that, “I’ve cried about 3 times when this song has come on and if that doesn’t say that it is a wonderful song then you need to go to music school.”

16. I See Fire

This song has no rating on iTunes and I think that’s because people are insane. I really like this song and could listen to it all the time. I especially enjoy it during my destress time, like yoga, because it has a soothing quality to it that this album needs. Definitely the best song to end this album on because it sets your brain into a peaceful space.

Overall Review

THIS ALBUM REVIEW MADE ME EVEN MORE EXCITED ABOUT THE CONCERT! This whole album is fantastic (even the songs I don’t like as much) and I would like to congratulate Mr. Sheeran about making yet another fantastic album and spreading more of his musical genius around the world. Anyone of any music persuasion is going to enjoy at least one song on the album and I’m hoping to make more Sheeran fans within the next few months as I put “x” on replay.

If you have anything else you’d like me to review, remember to request in the comments or send me an email at! Talk to you all next week after I completely lose myself in Ed’s music at the concert!

Stay classy, Internet,










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