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Yes, Can I Have Some 5SOS With My Fries?

What band has two million Twitter followers, sold out tours, toured with the world’s hottest boy band, and no album? 5 Seconds of Summer!

5 Seconds of Summer, a.k.a. 5SOS (five sauce) ~ an Australian rock band that has melted their way into our hearts and musical souls. 

That’s it. We’re finally going to discuss the adorable Australian band that has officially reached VEVO status. Why? Because I am ridiculously baffled/proud of their success and I think it is time to discuss. This is also my blog and I like to discuss my enthusiasms.

Why 5SOS Should Be Your Favourite Band (And Your Favourite People on the Planet)

Their Single

Earlier this week 5 Seconds of Summer released their first single. While 5SOS has released music before, this is their first actual single before their album release later this year. The single is called “She Looks So Perfect” and is responsible for American Apparel’s recent spike in underwear purchases. It is a bloody brilliant track. Give it a listen

2 Million Twitter Followers

For a band with no album, and very little professionally released music, they sure have a lot of Twitter followers. While it most likely comes from them opening for One Direction’s tour last year, it’s still incredibly amazing. Like, if I don’t release an album can I have that many Twitter followers? I promise I’ll release it one day!

The Cutest Band Members in Existence

Yeah, of course they have cute band members. Please, how else would I have discovered them? You all know me. Show me a cute boy and I will follow. But it’s not looks that keeps you there. It’s pure talent and ridiculous band antics that keep your love strong. Let’s meet the members of 5 Seconds of Summer (as according to my Internet research), all four of them. (No, I don’t know why it’s 5 Seconds if there are four. It confuses me too.)

Ashton Irwin

Ashton Irwin, pretty much the love of my life as a drummer. As my fourteen-year-old self once wrote, “He’s a drummer, so of course he’s ruggedly handsome.” But yeah, he’s just giggly and sweet and yeah. He’s the oldest in the band. His tweets always crack me up and he just has the cutest little laugh. Plus he has dimples. And the pick-up line thing, I think every single one of my friends has pinned it as it is the funniest thing. Plus, he’s a very talented drummer. Package deal, I think yes.

Calum Hood

Calum Hood, bassist and puppy look-a-like. Calum makes me laugh because he just makes the most brilliant faces. How is his face able to contort so well? Anyway, Calum tells it as it is on Twitter with some classic one-liners that have definitely made me crack a smile. He just seems like a generally happy guy. And seems to enjoy not having clothes on from the times I’ve tried to sneak a 5SOS Twitcam between classes. Definitely a shock when you’ve just gotten out of Computer Science. But he seems adorable, and so does that puppy!

Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings, the 6ft something king of the 5 Seconds of Summer with his voice and guitar skills. He’s also 17, but looks older than most of the kids I’ve seen at university. If you ever get bored, go to his Twitter and I promise you will be entertained for a good 20 minutes. He seems like a sweetie pie, which I’m sure he is, but he apparently also radiates a certain sex appeal according to fan fiction (seriously guys, why do you continue to write this?) He has a very, very lovely voice and once he turns 18 I can see all of the legals running after him.

Michael Clifford

Oh Michael Clifford, with your ever changing hair and generally happy temperament. He plays the guitar for 5SOS. I see a lot of myself in Michael as he seems to like pizza and sleep. We’re on the same level there. Apparently he has an emo quality, as I have gathered, but he seems like a pretty happy dude! I mean, have you seen that gif? He looks like someone just gave him a chocolate. Michael likes to change the colour of his hair a lot and fans can track when they entered the 5SOS Fam by what colour his hair was. What a guy.


So, what are your thoughts on 5 Seconds of Summer? Have I fallen in love yet?

Stay classy, Internet,










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