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You Asked and I Answered in My Pajamas (A Q&A)

Warning: This was written in my pajamas.

Lately my life has become a huge Q&A session – without the panel with the microphone and little bottle of water. So why not make myself a panel with a blog post? I mean, what better way to answer questions than in pajamas with a spinach smoothie and a bunch of pillows? It’s Friday – and the last blog post before I start Everyday Enthusiasm! – so let’s kick off this weekend with my very exciting (and possibly very informational) Q&A!

1. What is the best concert you’ve been to?

Rose Bowl time!

cue unflattering photo of me freaking out over 1D

One Direction. I went last September to see them in my hometown of Pasadena, CA. I went with my best friends who made my 1D music videos with me and it was such a blast! Our seats were eye level with the band, we all lost our voices, and Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer totally waved at me.

2. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Working at an event company, living in a big city (hopefully Seattle), and a pro at wearing outfits that aren’t leggings and the many personalized goofy tshirts I own.

3. What is your current go-to outfit?

Jean shorts, white eyelet top, white converse, and some sort of necklace.

4. What’s something you’re proud of?

Affairs cover

I recently self-published my book, Affairs. It’s a step that I’ve been wary of for years and years and having finally taken that step I’m really proud of myself and this accomplishment.

5. Name one person who influences you.

There’s a lot of people who influence me, so I’ll try to choose one. To save myself the struggle of one person who influences me mentally or professionally, I’m going to go with stylistically. Stylistically, my main influence has been Emma Watson. The way she dresses and holds herself I think is so elegant and classy it’s hard to not want to channel her. Plus, I think her activism in regards to human rights is something to aspire to.

6. What is your song of the moment?

I don’t really have one, but lately I’ve been bingeing Olly Murs when I’m traveling. Anything by him is my current tune.

7. Where is your next big trip?

Hawaii! My parents are taking my brother and I as their carry ons for their 25th wedding anniversary trip and I am so excited! I’ve never been and it’ll be nice to really lose myself on the beach like I did as a SoCal kid.

8. WAIT! You have a boyfriend?!?!

Where have you been the last eight and a half months? But yes, I do have a boyfriend and we are very happy. If you want to see something cheesy about him, here you go.

9. What beauty box subscriptions do you have? You’ve put some on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

Received my first #Birchbox today! The box is adorable and can't wait to try the products!

A post shared by Morgan Hegarty (@potatoeshegarty) on May 3, 2015 at 5:15pm PDT

Currently I only use Birchbox and Julep Maven. I absolutely adore Birchbox (use my code) and Julep and I are slowly warming up to each other.

10. Name one of your goals.

A big goal of mine right now is to get into shape. I’ve slowly been getting better (I did a mostly uphill 8 mile hike last weekend without dying) but I really want to up my fitness.


Stay classy, Internet,










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