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Your Complete(ly Delicious) Summer Hydration Guide

It’s time to fill up your sippy cups, it’s summer!

One of the biggest issues during these hot months is staying hydrated, especially when you’re enjoying a book in the park or going for a walk with your dog. You still need to keep your body filled up with that delicious hydration!

But some people can’t do ten bottles of water a day, so it’s time to turn toward other delicious drinks to keep you going when the sun is at its hottest. That’s why there are plenty of delicious drinks that provide hydration with lots of yummy flavor. And that’s what I’m brought you here!

Below are six sweetly hydrating drinks to keep this summer so that even if you’re sweating, you still look cool as a cucumber.

Summer Drink Deliciousness (Bye Bye Ice Water)

1. Mango Berry Flush Fat Spa Water

This delicious combination of fruit in water makes keeping hydrating way too easy. If you don’t mind drinking water all day, but love a little sweetness in your daily hydration, this is the perfect option, and very good for you!

2. Frosted Lemonade

Frosted Lemonade is a dreamy way to enjoy a classic and delicious lemonade with a sweet twist. Tart, creamy, and cool this is the perfect summer drink!

If you’re looking for a frosty treat for a super hot summer afternoon, this is the perfect solution! Sweet and bitter with everything you want when you’ve been in the hot sun all day, this is a toe on the line of hydration and just wanting dessert.

3. Frozen Mango Lemonade

This is the perfect lemonade for someone who doesn’t like plain lemonade. You still get the yummy lemon flavour, but with a mango twist and it’s frozen, which is perfect for when it’s too hot to handle. This is great for having friends over and keeps you hydrated, which is how you can justify this perfection.

4. Pear and Ginger White Sangria

Pear Ginger White Sangria |

If you’re one of the over-21 crowd then this is where you’re going to stay hydrated this summer. We all love a good sangria, and this one is everything hydrating and delicious. Perfect for making a batch for friends, or keeping one in the fridge for when you come home after taking pooch for a walk.

5. Coconut Lavender Lemonade

Not a fan of frozen lemonade, or just want something a little extra special? This lemonade is all the special. Think of your favourite lemonade with some coconut and lavender, making it a fantastic summer treat great for inviting friends over for a barbecue (or most definitely when you’re home alone with some cookies).

6. Mint Limeade Fizz

When you think of summer you think of refreshing, and this drink is the epitome of refreshing. Lime, carbonation, and a little minty. Put away your jug of ice water at the table and serve up a pitcher of this and you won’t be sorry!


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