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Your Enthusiastic Guide to Getting Through COVID-19

I wish I was a public health official who could share informed knowledge about COVID-19 “Coronavirus”. I wish I was a government official who could share knowledge on what is going to happen to the world in respect to COVID-19. But alas, I am a blogger in the Pacific Northwest. I can only be kind and share optimism in the face of COVID-19.

All of our lives are touched by these uncertain times. Whether you’ve had to postpone a special date, lose your job, worry about your health – it’s hard not to feel hopeless as we read the news. I feel for everyone who is struggling at this time. I am fortunate to have had a small impact so far. Yes, sitting at home alone every day, all day is getting a little old on Quarantine Day #5, but I have so many blessings and want to spread a little joy to those who are suffering.

In the nine years I’ve been running The Enthusiast, my biggest dream is to add a little more positivity into the world. Whether it be a solution to a problem, a new outlook on a situation, or finally discovering the perfect night cream – it’s happening here. The Enthusiast is an enthusiastic place!So in the midst of all the panic, I hope I can offer a little happiness in your #SocialDistancing.

I’ve rounded up a serious of The Enthusiast blog posts that hopefully will help a little during this crazy pandemic. And if nothing else, might make you laugh.

Self-isolate and wash your hands! Even if you may not be at risk, it is everyone’s responsibility to not spread the virus.

5 Tips for {Productively} Working at Home

The Importance of Self-Care (And How I Unwind)

How I Spice Up Instant Ramen

How I Lassoed My Anxiety

How My Gratitude Journal Helps My Mental Health

How a Good Habit Tracker Changed My Life
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