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Your Summer Reading List

As the warmer months approach and we think about lying by the pool or sitting on a park bench surrounded by flowers, we know it’s time we finally get around to that reading list of books sitting in our closet. All year long we buy books and checked New York Times’ bestsellers to see what looks good. And now we can finally read them!

This summer is filled with books that I’ve read and haven’t read. I am a firm believer in re-reading books when they’ve impacted me. This summer I want to read books that I’ve either really enjoyed, or that have impacted me in some way. This summer is my last summer before entering the real world, so taking some time to remember my roots and what I believe in is definitely how I want to spend the next few months.

I hope you’ll give these books a chance, or let me know what’s on your list!

The Enthusiast’s Summer Reading List

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) & Why Not Me?

Mindy Kaling writes the most relatable, humorous, perfect books. There isn’t a moment when I don’t feel like I’m talking to an older sister, or even a close friend. She writes in a way that makes you laugh constantly, and your brain continues to turn around with how witty her reflections are. I mean it when I say she’s my spirit animal. I’m really excited to read these again because they keep me grounded because they remind me that it’s okay not being perfect as long as you’re yourself.

My Week With Marilyn

Colin Clark writes one of the best autobiographical novels that is so good it’s amazing it’s not fiction. The story of his time working on The Prince and the Showgirl and his experience with Marilyn Monroe is so fascinating in the mind of what was going on in the industry at that time. Seriously one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Eleanor & Park

Because I don’t want to ruin the beauty of this book, you can read my review of Rainbow Rowell’s masterpiece here, but I will say that no book has truly made me feel so hooked, and cry so hard, than this one.


I have yet to read this one yet (I have seen the movie) and I can’t wait to dig in. Cheryl Strayed’s story is one that is not only inspirational, but reminds us that we’re all human, but we can redeem ourselves. From all the amazing reviews it’s received, I really am excited to read this one.

The Catcher in the Rye

Everyone knows this J.D. Salinger classic (and many disliked it in middle school) but it’s one book I find myself picking up every few years. It’s one of those tales that keeps my mind sharp as I explore Holden’s mind, and it reminds me that there is so much to the teenage mind, and shows how much I’ve grown as a twenty-something.


Emma Donoghue’s shocking novel (whose film received quite some nods) is probably one I’m looking the most forward to. Stories about kidnapping, and other mysterious plot lines, absolutely fascinate me, and the amount of buzz following it makes it one of the most popular books right now. I will be spending many afternoons by the pool with this one.


Because of my love of Eleanor & Park I just had to read Fangirl. As a self-proclaimed fangirl, a book that’s dedicated to the love of things just makes me so excited. The reviews are fantastic and everyone I know who’s read it has loved it. I can’t wait!


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